Tibetan Escape with EBC & Namtso 10-Day

The one that hits up Lhasa, EBC, and the Holy Lake Namtso for the ultimate Tibetan Escape. This all-Tibetan adventure swings you from the historic beauty of Lhasa through the Himalayan ranges. This one is pure Tibetan travel, covering all the big bucket-list destinations of Lhasa, Shigatse & EBC, plus the smaller charms of Namtso, and Drak Yerpa. We'll ooh and aah over Tibetan culture & nature, drink yak butter tea, dine on regional specialties in local trattorias, adventure through the mountains and lakes, and explore the architecturally magnificent city of Lhasa...


Lhasa > Gyantse > Shigatse > Rongbuk Monastery > EBC > Shigatse > Lhasa


Tibetan Escape ▏hi@tibet4fun.com


🍀 Private for Family & Friends 🍀 5~80 Years Olds

🍀 Customization Is Available   🍀 May ~ Oct

🍀 Operated in English             🍀 Fully Guided


D1   Start Lhasa

D2   Lhasa Urban

D3   Lhasa Suburb

D4   Lhasa > Gyantse > Shigatse

D5   Shigatse > Rongbuk Monastery > EBC

D6   EBC > Shigatse

D7   Shigatse > Lhasa

D8   Lhasa > Namtso Lake > Lhasa

D9   Lhasa > Drak Yerpa > Lhasa

D10  End Lhasa


☑ PERMIT: Tibet Entry Permit as per itinerary

☑ LODGING: 8 nights handpicked 4★hotels;

                      1 night at nomad tent in EBC;

☑ MEAL: 9 breakfasts & 1 farewell dinner

☑ VEHICLE: Private travel vehicle with a seasoned driver

☑ GUIDE: Highly-skilled English-speaking local guide

☑ SIGHTS: Admission fees of attractions as per itinerary

☑ OTHER: Bottled mineral water is provided


 Chinese Visa

 International flights


 Optional or additional activities

 Personal expenditures

 Tips for guide & driver



Start Lhasa





● Welcome to Lhasa! Meet up with your Tibetan guide and driver and hit the road to Lhasa downtown. After checking into your hotel, take a good rest and allow your body time to get acclimatized to high altitude

● After dinner, taking a light stroll at Potala Palace Square, where you can see Potala Palace lights up


Welcome to Lhasa! ▏hi@tibet4fun.com


Lhasa Urban





Potala Palace, the winter palace of Dalai Lamas. Religious or not, it will send shivers down your spine. It has been put to use since the 7th Century by the 33rd great king of Tibet

Jokhang Temple, founded by the 33rd great king of Tibet in the 7th century. Inside you can see the statue of Buddha Sakyamuni at the age of twelve. Outside, you can see pilgrims making fully-body prostrations

Barkhor Square, the market square surrounding Jokhang, where you can do a kora with pilgrims and locals, and explore the old market


 Lhasa Urban Day Tour ▏hi@tibet4fun.com


Lhasa Suburb





Dadong Village, a well preserved ancient Tibetan village surrounded by deep valleys, old trails, gurgling springs, and verdant greenery with nearly two thousand years of history. Visit here its Nyimatang Monastery, the mysterious Pharmacist Hall, and an old warehouse where the 6th Dalai Lama had lived

Sera Monastery, which is one of the ‘great three’ Gelug monasteries of Tibet. The hot attraction is the Monk Debate Ceremony at around 3-5 in the afternoon. In addition, you can tour the Tibetan religious scripture printing house. Inside the monastery, you can see three sand Mandalas and the colorful Rock Painting of Buddha


 Lhasa Suburb Day Tour ▏hi@tibet4fun.com


Lhasa > Gyantse > Shigatse





Yamdrok Lake (4,400 m), lying on the southern edge of Mt Nyenchen Tanglha (7,191 m), is one of the three holy lakes in Tibet

Karola Glacier, one of the three major continental glacier of Tibet, backed by southern slope of Naiqin Kangsang Peak (7,191 m)

Manak Dam Lake, the first dam in Tibet, an artificial lake known for its translucent jade green water. Here at Simila Mountain Pass, you can hang pray flag at your own expense to pray for your loved ones

Traditional Tibetan Barley Mill, to have a peek of Tibetan farm life in the past, and view the landscape of barley field (in summer)


 Lhasa > Gyantse > Shigatse ▏hi@tibet4fun.com


Shigatse > Rongbuk Monastery > EBC





● Rise and shine, we drive pass Tsola Pass (4,600 m), and Gyatsola Pass (5,248 m). Shortly after we enter Mt. Everest National Nature Reserve, you can enjoy the panorama of Himalaya at Gawula Pass (5,198 m)

Rongbuk Monastery (5,009 m), the highest monastery in the world, was established sometime in the early 20th century, under the Nyingmapa Sect, , with nuns and monks living together

Everest Base Camp (5,200 m), where you will have superb close-up view of Mt. Everest (8,849 m), the roof of our planet, the highest place on Earth

● Overnight at Tibetan nomad tent, which is made by yak wool to withstand the harsh weather. Yak dung is used as fuel sources for heading and cooking. While the conditional here is nothing you used to, it really is so much fun


 Qomolangma National Nature Preserve ▏hi@tibet4fun.com


EBC > Shigatse





● You cant come all the way to this part of the world without catching the sunrise over the majestic peak of Mt Everest. Depriving yourself of the chance to capture the mountain-peak-illuminated-by-golden-rays shot would be criminal


 From EBC to Shigatse ▏hi@tibet4fun.com


Shigatse > Lhasa





Tashilhunpo Monastery, founded by His Holiness the 1st Dalai Lama in 1447, is the traditional monastic seat of Panchen Lamas

● Head back to Lhasa by following the Yalong Valley. Stopover at the viewing platform to view the vast Yalong River


 Tashilhunpo Monastery ▏hi@tibet4fun.com


Lhasa > Namtso Lake > Lhasa





Namtso Lake (4,718 m), sky lake in Tibetan, has a surface area of 1,900 km², the largest lake in Tibet. The surrounding Nyechen Tanglha mountains are tipped by snow all year around. Various sun hues paint the skyline in incredible colors. Namtso lake reflects the sky color and it can change from light greenish-blue to deep blue throughout the day. Take a light stroll around Tashi Dor Island along the lake shore


 Namtso Lake ▏hi@tibet4fun.com


Lhasa > Drak Yerpa > Lhasa





Drak Yerpa, a large complex of temples, monasteries, and meditation caves nested on a lovely hill with superb views. Its 108 caves have been used by great lamas and meditators for 3- or 12-year meditation retreat

Thangka Training Workshop, observe up-close how Thangka masters and masters-in-the-making print Thangkas, an ancient form of Buddhist art using mineral and organic pigments mixed with animal glue, densely illustrative and painstakingly detailed

Farmers Market, an easy way to get an idea of what life is like for local Tibetan people. Theres no better way to get to know a community

Farewell Dinner with Tibetan Dance and Singing Show, the party is about to end, lets gather together for a toast and to celebrate life and its wonders


 Farewell Dinner with Tibetan Dance and Singing Show ▏hi@tibet4fun.com


End Lhasa





● Drop off at Lhasa Airport. Then our trip comes to an end. Dont be sad. Life is a circle of happiness, sadness, hard times, and good times. Let this goodbye be remembered by happiness and love from Tibet


Tour Ends in Lhasa▏hi@tibet4fun.com

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