Altitude-Worry-Free Eastern Tibet Trail 6-Day

The worry about high altitude has stopped many from travelling to Tibet. This Altitude-Worry-Free Eastern Tibet Trail is tailor-made to avoid such concerns. Eastern Tibet, also known as Nyingchi prefecture, has a much approachable average altitude of 3,100 m. And Eastern Tibet, are framed as the Swiss Alps of Tibet, a land of raging rivers and deep gorges, immense pine forests and azalea-filled meadows.. A paradise for nature-lovers and photographers. 


Nyingchi > Lunang Forest > Nyingchi > Kading Valley Scenic Area > Basum Lake > Ganden Monastery > Lhasa


Eastern Tibet, are framed as the Swiss Alps of Tibet  ▏


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D1 Nyingchi > Lunang Forest > Nyingchi

D2 Nyingchi> Kading Valley Scenic Area > Basum Lake

D3 Basum Lake > Ganden Monastery > Lhasa

D4 Lhasa

D5 Lhasa

D6 Departure from Lhasa


☑ PERMIT: Tibet Entry Permit as per itinerary

☑ LODGING: 5 nights handpicked 4★hotels

☑ MEAL: 5 breakfasts at hotels

☑ VEHICLE: Private travel vehicle with a seasoned driver

☑ GUIDE: Highly-skilled English-speaking local guide

☑ SIGHTS: Admission fees of attractions as per itinerary

☑ OTHER: Bottled mineral water is provided


 Chinese Visa

 International flights


 Optional or additional activities

 Personal expenditures

 Tips for guide & driver



Nyingchi > Lunang Forest > Nyingchi





● After landing in China, take a China domestic flight, eg. Chengdu to Nyingchi (2,990 m), where the altitude is much lower than in Lhasa (3,656 m), and altitude sickness is not a concern

● Your Tibetan guide and driver will pick you up at Nyingchi Milin Airport

● Followed by a very sublime stretch of ride. To start, the road winds around the back of the forested holy Mt Bonri (4,500 m). The slow crawl up to Serkhym-la Pass (4,582 m) takes you through a magical landscape of rolling fields of azaleas, sharp distant peaks, and rushing streams cutting through deep gullies. As you head down from the pass, you will see dramatic views of shark-toothed Namche Barwa (7,756 m) and Gyala Pelri (7,151 m)

Lunang Forest (3,700 m), a typical plateau-mountain-meadow, about 15km long and 1km wide. Known as a fairyland where gods live, it is breathtakingly beautiful with different scenery in every season. Local nomads scatter on the meadow together with the wild animals form a dreamy paradise Afterwards, drive to Bayi (2,994 m), the small county capital of Nyingtri, to spend the night


Fly from Chengdu to Nyingchi ▏


Nyingchi> Kading Valley Scenic Area > Basum Lake





Kadinggou Tianfo Waterfall, a natural Buddha statue formed hidden in a thundering 200m-tall waterfall, surrounded by lush forests, dark cliff faces and wide views over the Ngang-chu Valley

Basum Lake, surrounded by peaks over 6,000 m and with a tiny monastery islet off the southern shore. The site has strong connections to Gesar of Ling, the semi-mythical king and Guru Rinpoche, the Indian sage, both of whom are said to have resided at the lake

Stay the night at the lakeshore hotel with views of Basum Lake from your hotel room


 Basum Lake  ▏


Basum Lake > Ganden Monastery > Lhasa





Get up early to enjoy the sunrise at Basum Lake

Ganden Monastery, with its stupendous views of the surrounding Kyichu Valley

● In the afternoon, arrive in Lhasa (3,650 m), literally the「Palace of the Gods」, is the capital of Tibet Autonomous Region


 Ganden Monastery ▏







Norbulingka Park, meaning「treasure park」in Tibetan, was the summer palace of the successive Dalai Lamas. Covering an area of 360,000 square meters, Norbulingka is the biggest man-made garden in Tibet

Sera Monastery, situated at the foot of Tatipu Hill with cobbled alleyways, temples and colleges. The highlight will be watching monks debating inside the sandy courtyard behind the main temple. From Mon~Sat, hundreds of red-robed monks assemble in small groups and practice their debating skills

Local Farmers Market, to experience the real life of local Tibetans


 Monks debating at Sera Monastery ▏







Potala Palace, the winter palace of Dalai Lamas. It was now a museum and World Heritage Site. The building measures 400 meters east-west and 350 meters north-south, with sloping stone walls averaging 3-metres thick

Jokhang Temple in Lhasa Old Town, generally considered by Tibetans as the most sacred and important temple in Tibet. Inside you can see the statue of Buddha Shakyamuni at the age of twelve. Outside, you can see pilgrims making prostrating in its courtyard

Barkhor Street, an ancient round street surrounding Jokhang at Lhasa Old Town. It was paved by hand-polished stone boards. Various shops and stands are on every corner. Tibetans coming from all over China, are often seen circumambulating here

Yak Museum of Tibet to learn about the very special nature of yaks and its importance to Tibetan culture


 Potala Palace  ▏


Departure from Lhasa





This altitude-worry-free eastern Tibet tour comes to an end today. Hope you had a great time in Tibet without the usual worry of altitude. A private transfer will deliver you to Lhasa Airport. Say a fond farewell to Tibet as you prepare to return home with treasured memories of your trip


Altitude-worry-free eastern Tibet tour  ▏

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