Packing Your Bags for Tibet: Getting Ready for Your Tibet Tour

Hello, fellow jet enthusiasts and adventure lovers! Are you considering a trip to the awesome land of Tibet in 2023? Well, pack your travel bucket list and get ready for an epic journey filled with stunning scenery and spiritual insight. In this blog, we'll cover the basics you need to bring with you for your Tibet tour. So sit back, relax, and tick them off one by one.


Now, before we delve into the packing madness, let's tackle the elephant in the room: the infamous Tibetan Entry Permit. Think of it as your golden ticket into Tibet. It's like winning the Willy Wonka lottery, but instead of a river of chocolate, you'll be floating over stunning mountains and ancient abbeys! Seriously though, Tibet Entry Permit is an important document and you need to make sure you have it. To get it, enlist the help of a reliable travel agent, like Tibet4Fun, who will navigate the bureaucratic maze so you can focus on more exciting things, like discussing whether to bring a cricket bat.


Now, onto the packing checklist for your Tibet tour. Maneuvering holiday packing can be chaotic right before the tour. Odds and ends can be easily missed. Here’s a list of essentials for Tibet tour we advocate for you.



A sunhat with a brim. To avoid direct exposure of your face to sunlight. It also helps to keep your head protected from strong wind



Sunglasses helps you to protect your eyes from harsh sun rays in Tibet


Sunscreen & Sunblock

Prepare to experience the high intensity of sun rays in Tibet. Carry a sunscreen of SPF 50 or more to protect yourself from the harmful UV rays and direct sunlight


Lip Balm

At an altitude like Tibet’s, you definitely need a lip balm to avoid chapped lips for all seasons


Short-sleeve T-shirts

3~4 short-sleeve T-shirts in easy-wash, quick-drying, wrinkle-resistant fabric


Long-sleeve Shirts

1~2 long-sleeve shirts that can be worn on their own or over the short-sleeve shirts for layering


Down Jacket

A lightweight packable puffy down jacket for all seasons, even if you are travelling to Tibet in the middle of summer in August. A thickened one for spring, fall, and winter


Casual Pants

2~3 pairs, and must be comfortable when sitting for many hours in vehicles or walking around sites. Note that one cannot wear short pants/skirts in monasteries of Tibet


Underwear & Socks

Of which you can handwash halfway through your Tibet tour


Hiking Shoes

A good pair of hiking shoes with proven comfort, and preferably waterproof



A small daypack during daily sightseeing



Personal toiletries which you are more comfortable with. Most hotels in Tibet provide toothbrushes, toothpaste, hair dryers, shampoo, soap, bath towels, etc.



Personal medication as prescribed. Getting medications in Tibet is by all means not difficult, still sth you are familiar with is a great comfort while in a foreign land



All in all, dear traveler, Tibet travel in 2023 is destined to be an unforgettable journey in a lifetime. As you prepare for this stunning adventure, remember to bring your sense of humor, obtain a Tibet Entry Permit, and pack your bag of oddities. Get ready for stereotypes to be broken, misconceptions to be debunked, and a destination that will make your heart aspire. Cheers, may the road to Tibet be as smooth as yak butter tea.

  • Tibet4Fun specializes in Tibet tours, Sichuan tours and multi-destination China tours for senior travellers. Tibet4Fun is a local travel agency that is senior-friendly, heritage-themed, and foodie-friendly. While age is just one of the many factors that define your travel style, it’s nice to leave the driving to someone else, not sweat on details, and be freed up to really enjoy a destination. That’s what Tibet4Fun is here for!

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