Art Holidays in Sichuan with Tibet4Fun: Chinese Calligraphy Class with Master Zhao Renchun

The digital age has closed penmanship for many. Yet creative spirit never dies. Birds of a feather flock together. Who better to guide you on art holidays in Sichuan than the renowned local art travel agency Tibet4Fun? Get ready to indulge your senses and marvel at the wonders of this unique experience - A class with Chinese Calligraphy Master Zhao Renchun on art holidays in Sichuan with Tibet4Fun.


Tibet4Fun: Chinese Calligraphy Class with Master Zhao Renchun ▏


One of the highlights of Tibet4Fun’s Art Holidays in Sichuan was the Chinese calligraphy class with Master Zhao Renchun. Known for his calligraphy expertise, Master Zhao will share his tips and techniques to help you unleash your artistic potential. Don't worry if you've never held a brush before; Master Zhao's humorous and patient teaching style will put you at ease. Under his guidance, you'll watch your strokes transform into elegant characters that capture the essence of this timeless art form.


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But the adventure doesn't end there! Known as the 'Land of Abundance', Sichuan is home to a stunning array of stunning scenery and cultural experiences. Explore the majestic Giant Buddha in Leshan, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, or embark on a thrilling hike to admire breathtaking views of Jiuzhaigou Valley. Indulge in Sichuan's famously spicy cuisine and witness vibrant local traditions, including the colorful face-changing Sichuan Opera. Every moment spent in this enchanting province will become a memory to be treasured forever.


A class with Chinese Calligraphy Master Zhao Renchun on art holidays ▏


So pack your bags and embark on art holidays in Sichuan with Tibet4Fun like no other. Let Tibet4Fun take you through the fascinating world of Sichuan art and culture. Immerse yourself in the tranquil beauty of Chinese calligraphy under the guidance of Master Zhao Renchun. Explore Sichuan's wondrous landscapes and indulge in its rich history and traditions. Discover your inner artist and return home with wonderful memories and a new appreciation for Sichuan’s exquisite art.


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♣ Experience Chinese brush calligraphy and learn basic calligraphy skills

♣ Taught by Chinese Calligraphy Master Zhao Renchun, and appreciate ancient and modern calligraphy works, and learn about different styles of calligraphy

♣ Beginners can also complete traditional Chinese couplets or Spring Festival couplets on rice paper or red paper

♣ Chinese tea and snacks for enjoyment during the class, so as to gain a deep understanding of Chinese culture


Chinese calligraphy class with Master Zhao Renchun ▏




● Academic consultant of Bashu Painting and Calligraphy Academy

● Member of the Chinese Calligraphers Association

● Member of the Chinese Couplet Society

● Executive Deputy Secretary-General of Sichuan Couplet Society

● Honorary Director of the Theoretical Committee of the Calligraphy Research Institute of Sichuan University

● Director of Sichuan Jinshi Painting and Calligraphy Research Association

● Director of Sichuan Calligraphy Society

● Member of the Provincial Calligraphers Association and the Provincial Poetry Society

● Historical and cultural consultant of Chengdu Zhaojue Temple

● Special edition of continuation of temple chronicles

● Dujiangyan Chinese Association

● Senior consultant of Wenmiao Painting and Calligraphy Institute

● President of Pixian Chongning Scholars Association



He has published "Xinggong Calligraphy and Painting Collection - Yu Xinggong's Centenary Art Review" as executive editor (Tianjin People's Fine Arts Publishing House), "Sichuan Steleology Famous Masters Bao Bichen and Yu Shayuan" (co-authored with Professor Hou Kaijia) and other monographs. In 2017, "Ink Marks of Zhao Renchun's Manuscript" was published.


Many papers have been published in "Calligraphy Research", "Calligraphy", "Calligraphy Herald", "Calligrapher News", etc.


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Tibet4Fun: Chinese Calligraphy Master Zhao Renchun ▏


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Chinese Calligraphy Class with Master Zhao Renchun ▏

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