Is Tibet Safe for Solo Female Travellers?

Tibet is an extremely safe destination for solo female travellers compared with most other places on this planet. Local Tibetan people are highly influenced by Buddhism. Most people here in Tibet care more about the afterlife than material possessions in this life, so theft is extremely rare. Buddhists also strongly oppose harming living creatures, so you’re safe from any threats in this regard. The other reason that Tibet is safe for solo female travellers is that Buddhism has a deep respect for the equality of women. Women are considered very precious in Buddhism. 


Sexual harassment is also extremely rare in Tibet and solo female travellers are able to travel to Tibet with few problems. Naturally, it’s worth noticing what local women are wearing and how they are behaving and making a bit of an effort to fit in, as you would in any other foreign country. Mainly because of the harsh climate, Tibetan women dress in bulky layers of clothing that mask their femininity. It would be wise to follow their example and dress modestly, especially when visiting a monastery where showing too much of your legs is not accepted.


Below are some suggestions for solo female travellers when travelling in Tibet:

Taking photos of Buddha statues is not allowed in some monasteries in Tibet, and others require an extra fee for taking photos. Always consult your local guide before you do;

Same as everywhere in the world, when you want to take a photo of local people, ask their permission first;

When you have a monastery visit in Tibet, make sure to dress a bit modestly. Some monasteries don’t accept visitors wearing short skirts or short pants. When inside a chapel of monasteries, take off your hat and sunglasses;

If you have a chance to visit a local family, let the oldest people go first when you walk together with them. Do not step on the threshold when entering a tent or house. Do not touch the heads of people with your hands;

If you have a chance to have dinner with Tibetans, do not eat with your mouth full, and do not chew or drink noisily. When the host/hostess hands you something, for example, a cup of tea, take it with both hands to show your respect and appreciation;

Do not talk about sensitive topics like politics when in Tibet. Do not try to debate with lamas about their lives and religions; 

Do not enter monasteries without permission;


Travelling solo is a unique opportunity to find out exactly who you are in a completely new surrounding and without anyone around from your past to influence you. For a safe and exotic place like Tibet, an experience like this has the power to benefit you for years or even a lifetime thereafter. Click HERE to check out our Tibet Small Group Tours designed especially for single travellers. 

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